Welcome Assembly

On August 8 2017, the first day of school, students are very excited to meet the new homeroom teachers and friends. They get new school year stuff prepared and keep them in their tray. They are also busy to decorate the classroom.

The one and only routine when they come back to school is the “Welcome Assembly” that held in Amarta Hall. All students of SVP Primary School gather there to sing SVP theme song, listen to Bu Lita, our beloved principal, as well as Pak Liam, the Head of School who conduct a welcome speech for all the students, teachers, and parents. We also are informed about what’s new in SVP through a cool video about our school. Most students are excited to the new swimming pool that will be released in October 2017. We also have new common rooms where students can play games with friends.

The last picture is the 4 Borneo students.

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