Welcome to EY 2 2017-2018

Hi, everyone!

Are you ready for having fun with us?

Welcome to  EY 2. There are three classes in EY 2 level. They are EY 2 Earth, EY 2 Mars and EY 2 Jupiter.

The homeroom teachers are:

EY 2 Jupiter:

Bu Sheila (sheila@svp.sch.id)

Bu Wina (wina@svp.sch.id)

EY 2 Mars:

Bu Fey (fenty.julianti@svp.such.id)B

Bu Anne (marianne.clemence@svp.sch.id)

EY 2 Earth:

Bu Merly (merly@svp.sch.id)

Bu Retha (deasy.margaretha@svp.sch.id)

If you have questions or concerns about any part of the school year, do not hesitate to contact our email.


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