Welcome to Grade 3!!!

Dear students and parents…

Welcome back to school, and we especially would like to welcome you to grade 3 family of 2017/2018 school year. First, we would like to introduce ourselves, the homeroom teachers of grade 3:

Grade 3 Nusa: Ibu Nelda and Ibu Tika

Grade 3 Bangsa: Ibu Thasia and Ibu Rosmala

Grade 3 Bahasa: Ibu Citra and Ibu Tika

We are so happy to welcome you to work and learn together in this school year. Let’s make our learning journey joyful and meaningful, not only for the students but also for the teachers and parents. We are sure that we can work hand in hand to achieve the best result for all of us. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us through our emails:

Ibu Nelda: nelda@svp.sch.id

Ibu Tika: skolastika@svp.sch.id

Ibu Thasia: thasia@svp.sch.id

Ibu Rosmala: rosmala@svp.sch.id

Ibu Citra: citra.dianingtyas@svp.sch.id

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