Welcome to Grade 6

Dear parents and students, welcome back to school and definitely welcome to Gr. 6.

We hope that all of you are excited to be a member of Gr. 6 community. Just like the previous years, there are three classes of Gr. 6: Nias, Bali, and Lombok.

In Gr. 6 Nias, Ibu Tannia and Pak Carly are the ones in charge.

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Together with Pak Carly, Ibu Rindu is in charge of Gr. 6 Bali.

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Meanwhile, Ibu Pungky and Ibu Elma (a substitute teacher for Ibu Diyan, who is taking a two-month maternity leave) are the homeroom teachers of Gr. 6 Lombok.

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There will be a lot of exciting things that all of Gr. 6 students will experience this year. Starting with the first upcoming activity, Parents Information Day on August 12, 2017. We do hope that all of us – especially teachers, students, and parents – can work together and build a strong community to help our beloved students to achieve their best in Gr. 6.


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