Welcoming The New School Year

Dear Parents,

We welcome you to the new school year of 2017-2018. We hope you and your children are ready to have a fantastic year ahead. A year that would seem so short because of the joy and happiness that the children bring to us.

This blog will be filled with so many pictures and description of what we do in our classes, make sure you follow this blogs because there will be so many fun things to see.

Here are the lineups for EY1 teachers:

EY1 Neptune: Ibu Yoeny Lelyana (Yoeny) & Ibu Kristina Veni Tiara Sari (Tiara)

EY1 Venus: Ibu Dewi Anggraini (Anggi) & Ibu Yana Sahertian (Nana)

EY1 Mercury: Ibu Yana Silitonga (Yana) & Ibu Yunita Armidi


Blogs are updated weekly, and contain pictures and descriptions of learning experiences as well as learning celebrations.

In the mean time, here are the pictures of our first week activities.

Have a fantastic year ahead!

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