Where We Are In Place And Time

Grade 1 2017-2018

8 Aug – 15 Sept


Trans-theme Where We Are In Place and Time (An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives)
Central Idea We seek a place where we have a sense of belonging.
Key Concepts Function, change, Perspective (ada perubahan di concepts; dari responsibility ke change)
Related Concepts adaptation,belonging
Lines of Inquiry
  • What it means to belong
  • Ways to adapt to challenges in new places
  • Thoughts and feelings about places
Learner Profiles Risk-takers, Open-minded, Reflective
Trans-skills Social skills, Communication skills


Subjects WALT WILF Exploring the concepts or related concepts
  1. What it means to belong
  2. Ways to adapt to challenges in new places
  3. Thoughts and feelings about places
  1. List down the things belong to them.
  2. Invite the children to imagine what it would be like  “ if there was no school”
  3. Fill in I belong in my class paper.
  4. Provide different pictures of places: class, house, mall, and playground. (question: which place that makes you comfortable?) (Formative 2)
  5. Sharing what it means to belong.
  6. Give the examples.
  7. Sharing the challenges I face in the new places.
  8. Sharing the ways to adapt to challenges in a new place.
Function, Perspective, Responsibility
ICT Annotate pictures using skitch
  • Able to take photos using Ipad
  • Able to insert picture to Skitch app
  • Able to add emoticon to show like and dislikes
  • Able to use arrows and text to annotate the picture
  • Able to save the picture
MATHS Whole Number Up to 10Addition and subtraction up to 10

Data Presentation (Pictograph)

1,  Counts the number of objects in a set2.    Writes numbers to represent quantity

3.    Counts forward and backward from an initial number

4.    Matches number or quantities in different form

5.    Compares number of objects in two sets

6.    Constructs number in multiple ways (by combining or partitioning)

7.    Combines numbers to make 10
1.    Changes in quantities because of increase or decrease

2.    The meaning of addition (when objects are combined or quantities increased)

3.    Create addition fact cards and practice

4.    Addition that make 10

5.    The meaning of subtraction (when objecst is seperated or quantities decreased)

6.    Creates subtraction fact cards and practice

Subtract a number from 10

1. Creates pictograph from students’ favorite activities, color, day of the week, etc. or sorting from disorganized objects

2. Reads and interprets data presented in pictograph

3. Records data using tally marks

4. Reads and interprets data presented in tally marks

5. Collects, sorts and presents data through small survey by using tally mark or pictograph

BAHASA INDONESIA/PKN Membaca dan menulis  nyaring suku kata dengan lafal yang benar.
Menulis huruf, suku kata, kata dengan benar.
  • Membaca huruf per abjad
  • Membaca suku kata
  • Membaca kata
  • Menulis identitas diri dengan tulisan yang rapi
  • Membuat teks diagram / label (anggota keluarga)
ENGLISH Read and write
  • Read 3 letter words
  • Read some words
  • Read 1 sentence
MANDARIN Family in Chinese
  • Able to read and write hanyu pinyin
  • Able to pronounce family in chinese
  • Able to write chinese strokes
VA Draw our most favourite room at home
  1. Able to use ruler to draw object
  2. Able to identify far and near
  3. Able to use coloring technique
MUSIC play airwave
  • Blow out and breathe in loud
  • Notes in C
PE Body movement about agility
  • Able to move from one place to another place fast
  • Be brave to accept the challenge
Library WALTSs learn element of fiction books e.g. Characters, setting, and predict the story.
Book: My First American Friend (Sarunna Jin)

  • Ss able to make prediction of a particular story decided and analyst sequences of a story.
  • Make a shared class story.
  • Quiet animal signs for the library.
  Perspective  Adaptation


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