Math – Is it Hard or Soft?

To support their current UOI under the central idea ‘Recognizing our uniqueness can help us to better understand who we are’, Nursery students learned the concept of hard and soft. They used their sensory to touch some objects and feel their textures. In Nursery Sun and Moon, the students hugged and felt how the doll and the basket were. In Nursery Rainbow and Sky, the students were blindfolded and ask to touch a beanie and a table, in order to feel their texture. To go further, Teacher showed a mystery box contained assorted hard and soft objects. The students closed their eyes, touched, described, guessed and sorted out what they were. The aim of those activities were to identify and describe attributes of real objects.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Hard Soft SkyHard and and Soft Collage

Nursery Sun & Moon






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