Language – Phonic sound /a/

To support their current UOI under the central idea ‘Recognizing our uniqueness can help us to better understand who we are’, Nursery students were introduced to phonic sound /a/. They produced /a/ sound and mentioned objects that are started with /a/, such as; apple, ant, alligator, aeroplane, etc. Next, they played online game ‘’ to learn name of objects started with that sound. Nursery Sun and Moon students, they chose whether they want to make apple or alligator artwork to go further. Meanwhile, Nursery Rainbow and Sky students enhanced their art skill while developing their fine motor skill in the same time. They glued origami cutouts and made a collage where they could choose picture (apple, aeroplane, or ambulance) they agreed on. Moreover they develop their social skills by working together with their team mates to cover all the blank space within line.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun & Moon



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