Messy finger painting is great!

Age : 2-3 years old

Theme : Body Parts

Subject : Art and Craft – Integrated with Language (phonic sound /f/)

     To support our current theme, Body Parts, on Wednesday 13th of September 2017, toddler students did some art and craft. They have been introduced to body parts and phonic sounds /f/. The teacher showed some pictures started with the letter /f/ (fingers and face). They also encourage the students to produce the phonic sound. To make the activity more interesting, we did some painting. They used their hands to paint on a white paper and made it colorful. Toddlers really love painting and are not afraid to get dirty. Thus, we plan to have another painting activity next time so that the students will have better fine motor skills in the future. The teachers also always monitored and assisted them. It was so much fun!



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