English time in EY 2

English time with Mr. Swart.
Today, the kids were having a fun English time. Mr. Swart did a game “monkey says..” as the ice-breaker activity. All of the students were so engaged to do the game that made the class so noisy of children laughter. By doing this game they learned to listen attentively to instructions given and do it correctly.
Related to the game, Mr. Swart read a story book tittled “Here are My Hands”. It was a recommended book for children because the story was about part of the body and acts you can do with it.
First, he read the book and the kids were listening to him. That’s it? No. Of course, not.
So, Mr. Swart was doing an interactive storytelling. He managed the kids to get involved by doing movements together. By doing this, the kids felt entertained because it was sometimes funny. They were also be encouraged to be a thinker by answering some questions. Moreover, Mr. Swart made the pronunciation learning more interesting. He asked the kids to say the word and taught the strategy of saying it right. No one was day-dreaming. Everybody was too busy enjoying the story so much 😉

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