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Baby  gym class is gathered for a social exercise, we offer an hour-long classes run by an energetic, fun-loving person who has a natural ability to put smiles on the faces of young children.  In the first and the second week of September, we learned about the theme ”Aku”. In this theme they identify themselves and their friends (boy and girl) and we sang I love you, “Aku Sayang Semua” and STOP.

We also had yoga session. Students enthusiastically imitated some poses that were demonstrated by the teacher. As part of their learning experiences in the obstacle game, students practice their gross motor skills by doing go up from stairs, walking on the step color and going down using wedge. After that, we did forward roll in matras.

We also did crawling up and down using wedge and step color. After that we did sliding using scooter. For the concept, they put their photo in the board and the teacher separated boys and girls to do different activities.

In closing, students played parachute where they had to move tent fabric up and down, in and out, front and back and we turned of the light and turned on the flash light. The kids enjoyed it so much! It was so much fun!

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