Mathematics ( October – November 2017)

To support the concept of function, grade 5 students are going to learn these things :


  1. Addition/subtraction unlike fractions and mixed numbers
  2. Multiplication of fractions by a whole number
  3. Determine fraction of a set (objects or measurements)
  4. Multiplication of mixed numbers by a whole number
  5. Multiplication of fractions
  6. Division of a fraction by a whole number
  7. Division of fractions
  8. Solve problems involving the 4 operations on fractions


  1. Read timetables and schedule in real situation
  2. Determine times worldwide

Data Analysis (Central tendency)

  1. Central tendency (average, median, modus) as means to summarize data
  2. Find the average, median and mode of a set of data
  3. Use an appropriate central tendency to summarize data
  4. Solve problems related to central tendency of a data.


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