Let’s paint the balloon!

Age : 2-3 years old

Theme : Body Parts

Subject : Art and Craft – Integrated with Language (phonic sound /b/ & Story Telling)

On Wednesday 27th of September, toddler students had another story telling time. The title of the story is Teddy’s Balloon. Then, we made it more fun with art and craft. Toddlers like to get messy, so we had another painting activity but this time it’s a little different.  The kids had a chance to practice holding a paintbrush with their fist to paint some balloons with various colors. It might be a bit challenging for them since the paintbrush is quite big and most of them have never actually tried it before. However, most of them seemed to enjoy the activity. The teacher of course showed them how to hold the paintbrush properly. It’s important for the kids their age to practice how to do it as it will help them to hold other writing tools easier in the future. You did a good job, Kids!


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