Poet-Tree, Welcoming the Literacy Moth 2017

One of our regular school events embedded in the teaching and learning activities is the
Literacy Month. This year we are going to conduct it from 2 – 27 October 20L7. The
aim of this event is to highlight the importance of literacy skills where we also commemorate the Month of Bahasa Indonesia (Bulan Bahasa Indonesia in October and
the Youth Pledge Day Hari Sumpah Pemuda) on Z8th October 2017.
The goals of our Literacy Month are to nurture the love of reading from the early years,
to increase children’s vocabulary and use language to relate to experience,
thoughts, and feelings.

This week, EY 2 students created a Poet-Tree. First, they needed to find some words in the magazine related to the theme (EY 2 Mars decided, a great SVP as the theme). After that, they decorated the Poet-Tree together. In the end, they read aloud their poet. We were amazed by the result, how the words are so meaningful!

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