Language – Phonic sound /o/

To support their current UOI under the central idea ‘Recognizing our uniqueness can help us to better understand who we are’, Nursery students were introduced to phonic sound /o/. They produced /o/ sound and mentioned objects that are started with /o/, such as; omelette, octopus, orange, ostrich, etc. Next, they played online game ‘’ to learn name of objects started with that sound. Moreover, Nursery Rainbow and Sky students made an octopus from the letter ‘o’. With this activity they developed their art and fine motor skills at the same time. First, they colored the letter ‘o’, then teared a piece of origami paper and glued the googly eyes and pasted the torn paper on letter ‘o’.

On the other hand, Nursery Sun and Moon students had experiment in ‘writing’ letter ‘o’ using variety media. They wrote letter ‘o’ on the black board.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun & Moon

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