Language – Phonic sound /u/

To support their current UOI under the central idea ‘Recognizing our uniqueness can help us to better understand who we are’, Nursery students were introduced to phonic sound /u/. They produced /u/ sound and mentioned words that are started with /u/, such as; umbrella, under, upside-down, underwear, etc. Furthermore, Nursery Rainbow and Sky students learned new words which started with letter ‘u’ such as, under, up, and upside-down by using the umbrella. For instance when the teacher says up, the student will lift up the umbrella. They should listen closely to their teacher’s instruction of how to position their umbrella. Besides enhancing their understanding of phonic /u/ and new words, it improves their listening skills as well. Moreover, they built their fine motor and sensory skills by ‘writing’ letter /u/ with tea powder.


Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun & Moon

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