Mathematics (September – November 2017)

In the second unit, students will learn about Bar graph (supporting the related concept: transformation) and Whole number (supporting the concept: form).

Data Presentation (Bar Graph)

  1. Reads and interprets data presented in bar graphs forms
  2. Reads bar graphs with scales
  3. Creates bar graph from given data
  4. Presents data from a survey by using bar graph


Whole Number (up to 10.000)

  1. Reads and writes numbers which are more than one thousand
  2. Identifies place value and digit value that construct a number
  3. Writes numbers in expanded notation
  4. Compares and orders numbers or quantities
  5. Determines number which are some ones, tens, hundreds, or thousands more/less than a number
  6. Rounds off number within 10,000 to the nearest 10, 100 or 1.000
  7. Groups numbers to fit decimals system notation
  8. Performs addition and subtraction of numbers
  9. Solves addition and subtraction word problems (use model/diagrams)
  10. Evaluate the reasonableness of the answers by estimating result

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