PE – Tug of War and Tunnel Ball

To support our current UOI under the central idea ‘Through play we communicate and develop new understanding’, Nursery students learned to improve their teamwork, social skills, and gross motor skills in the same time. For instance, in Nursery Rainbow and Sky, the student played ‘tug of war’ game by using a parachute as a rope. They need to work together and communicate to each other in order to win the game. Moreover, they need to balance themselves in order to pull the parachute effectively. Besides that, they also learned to be open-minded and understand that it’s fine to loose a game. The most important thing is that they give their best and have fun with their team mates along the way. On the other hand, Nursery Sun and Moon played tunnel ball. They used a ball to be transferred to their friend in their team. They learnt to cooperate among the group members.


Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun & Moon

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