Excursion to Bekasi Mayor’s Office Grade 4


On the 25th of October, grade 4 went on an exciting excursion to Bekasi mayor’s office. This program is related to our  current unit; How We Organize Ourselves.

In the mayor’s office, the students were welcomed by the government staff. The students gathered in the mayor’s meeting room. They watched a movie about Bekasi parade while waiting for the Mayor of Bekasi, Mr. Rachmat Effendi. After the students watched the video, the Mayor of Bekasi Mr Rachmat Effendi came and greeted all of the students. The students were so excited and asked some questions to him. We had some discussion about ; What government is, why we need government, and the rights and responsibilities of a citizen.

Finished having a discussion , the student walked to the “Sekretaris Daerah” office, “Kalitbag” office and the last to the new building.


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