It was a sunny morning. Toddler class had a special event held on Saturday the 28th of November. The parents came along with their toddlers in white to have fun in the first semester’s Family Gathering. The teachers have prepared two games for everybody.

Obstacle game. The dads took part in the first game. It’s not as easy as it sounds because they needed to carry around their toddlers using a shawl with their eyes covered. The teachers set up the obstacle course with some cones lined up. The goal of the game was for them to walk through the obstacles to reach the finish line. The moms screamed and shouted giving directions. It was exciting and challenging all at the same time!

Sorting out crumpled papers. It’s moms’ turn to join the fun. In this game, the moms and their toddlers worked together to collect loads of colorful crumpled papers all over the ground and put them in the right basket. It was a lot of fun!


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