Book Character Costume Parade

To celebrate the end of literacy month, on October 27, 2017, Nursery students had a costume parade. They came to school wearing costumes that represented their favorite character from a story book. Some of them also brought along the book itself. Different from last year, this year we had the honour to the judges. They assessed participants based on Accuracy (the costume represents a character), Quality (the costume is unique and handmade costume is highly appreciated), and Presentation (the student is able to show confidence). After presenting their costumes, the students paraded around the ECE area and confidently waved to the EY crowd and to parents who were watching. Then they were back at their classes and shared their favorite story with their friends in pairs. Congratulation to all winners from morning and late morning classes. Overall it was such an exciting experience for Nursery students to have this kind of activity.

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