Math UOI 3 – Who We Are

Math UOI 3 – Who We Are

6 November – 15 December



  1. 2D and 3D shapes (introducing basic shapes)
  2. Completes pattern
  3. Ordinal numbers


Shape and Space:

2D and 3D Shapes (Introducing Basic Shapes)

1. Identifies and classifies basic 2D shapes: rectangle, square,  circle and triangle

2. Identifies and classifies basic 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, cylinder, ball
Pattern and Function:

Makes/ completes patterns with 2D cut out or 3D model according to shape, size, or color

Ordinal Numbers

1.    Use ordinal number (1st to 10th) to describe position of an object

2. Use ordinal numbers to determine objects or people eligible for something


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