UOI 3 – Who We Are

UOI 3 – Who We Are

6 November – 15 December


Trans-theme Who We Are
Central Idea Balanced lifestyle choices affect health and well-being
Key Concepts Causation; Connection; Reflection
Related Concepts choice, well-being, health, balanced
Lines of Inquiry 1.     What it means to have a balanced lifestyle

2.     How the choices we make affect our health

3.     Evaluating personal daily habits and routines

Learner Profiles Principled; Balanced; Reflective
Trans-skills Commitment; Integrity


Subjects WALT WILF Exploring the concepts or related concepts
UOI 1.     What balance is

2. Examples of healthy and unhealthy lifestyle

3. Own daily habits and routines

1.   What balanced lifestyle is

2.   How to classify balanced and unbalanced lifestyle

3.   What factors make a balanced lifestyle

4. How to apply what you’ve learned to stay healthy

5.  Factors that determine healthy or unhealthy

6. Daily habits and routines healthy lifestyle

Causation; Connection; Reflection

choice, well-being, health, balanced

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