UOI 2, LOI 2: The Impact of Government on the Lives of Citizens

As the tuning in activity for the Lines of Inquiry 2 of this unit—How We Organize Ourselves—which focused on the impact of government on the lives of citizens, students wrote their prior knowledge about what citizen is by using Placemat in a group of four. Then, they needed to draw a situation in which the citizens do not have any government in their country, in pairs.

They came up with great ideas. Some of their drawing are about robberies, traffic, war, terrorism, murder, and poverty. They also drew their ideas clearly and beautifully. After drawing, they needed to figure out what roles government do to solve those problems, what impact that government contribute to the lives of citizens. They wrote the impact on Post It and stick it on their drawing. Finally, they did Gallery Walk to see or even add some ideas to their friends’ works.