We Are Team!

EY1 students are learning to work together with their friends. They were explained about what team is, and how to work well with their team.  Therefore,they had teamwork games as the activities for the P.E Lesson. There were two games that they played; Transferring Marbles and Clamming The Pegs.

Transferring Marbles:

Students lined up together with their team, held a cup on their hands, and they had to be ready to receive the marble from their other friend. The first person had to transfer the marble from his/her own cup to his/her friend’s cup. Once the marble got to the last person’s cup, the last person had to transfer it again to his/her friend before him/her.

Clamming The Pegs:

One student was chosen from each of the team to be the team leader and to stand in front facing their own team. The other members in the group had to clam the pegs in their friends clothes. One by one did it excitedly. At the end of the game, the teacher counted the pegs in each of the team leader. The winner is the one who had most pegs on him/her.

These games taught them about team and how to work together with team. It was a great day overall.


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