Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

One of the highlights that Sekolah Victory Plus focuses this year is about Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Beginning early in life, social and emotional learning (SEL) is highly important for helping preschool children to understand and manage their emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish healthy relationships, set positive goals, and make responsible decisions. As part of the Social Emotional Learning, students are learning about how to build good relationship and emotion by recognizing  his/her feelings, as well as their friends’ feeling. They learn about things that make them happy, sad or angry and how to make other people feel happy and avoid making others feel sad.

In our classroom, students are introduced to a story of “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud. This book tells the story of how everyone, all over the world, carries an invisible bucket with them. The students learn the meaning of the terms bucket filling and bucket dipping. They can be bucket filler by doing nice things to others such as such as smiling, greeting, sharing and taking turns. They will spend time learning how they can fill other people’s buckets and learning how to avoid dipping from them!  They will also be commited to be a bucket filler by saying the bucket filler pledge.

What is the “bucket”?
The bucket represents your mental and emotional self.

How do you feel when your bucket is full?
When your bucket is full, you feel happy. Your thoughts are positive and you expect positive results. When your bucket is overflowing, you experience an intense happiness that can spread to those around you.

How do you feel when your bucket is empty?
When your bucket is empty you can easily become sad and negative. An empty bucket can affect your behavior and cause you to express your emotions in a way that empties the buckets of those around you.

What is Bucket filler?
A person who makes other people happy by saying and doing something good. When you are doing good things and saying good words, you are being a bucket filler by filling in your friends’ bucket and and your own bucket.

What is Bucket Dipping?
A person who say or do unkind things to others.

How bucket filling activity is done in the clasroom?

The bucket filling activity is done during reflection time in the classroom. Teacher and students discuss and reflect on things that they have done each day. As the acknowledgement of their good deeds, teacher will fill their bucket with stickers or stars.


Bucket filler pledge.

I am a bucket filler.

At school, at home and everywhere

Each and everyday

Kind things I do, kind things I say

I do my best, not to ever dip

And I say “I am sorry”

If I ever slip.

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