Let’s dig in!

Age : 2-3 years old
Theme : Fruits and Veggies


          To support our current theme, Fruits and Veggies, on Friday 10th of November 2017, toddler students experienced a cooking class where they could see the whole process of making fruit salad and vegetable soup. First, they were introduced to various kinds of fruits and veggies. Some of the kids are familiar with the fruits and veggies and are able to mention the kinds confidently. After that, the kids took part in the process by cutting all the fruits and veggies. When the food was ready, each of them gave it a try and they loved it so much. They seemed really enthusiastic. However, some of them don’t like it but that’s okay. That’s why it is very important to encourage the kids to eat vegetables from the very young age. It was nice to see the kids eating healthy food! Well done, kids!


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