Rote counting 1 to 5

Age : 2-3 years old

Subject : Math – Integrated with P.E


             On Friday 24th of November 2017, toddler students had a P.E lesson. The teachers took the kids to the playground to play games integrated with Math “Rote Counting 1-5”. This is one of the activities to develop their cognitive skills. The teachers prepared five hula hoops, balls, and baskets. The first game, the kids must jump with both feet and count 1-5 through five hula hoops. The second game, they transfer five balls to another box using a basket. They need to collect five balls and run into another box. They still need assistance to do it and to understand rote counting 1-5. The kids were really enthusiastic to try the game. They will get better at it with more practice. Good job, everyone!

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