UOI-How We Express Ourselves

The third Lines of Inquiry for this UOI is: “Celebrations in my family”. Therefore, EY1 students are learning about many kinds of celebrations. The celebrations themselves are divided into two kinds, the common celebration and the religious celebrations.

The classes were decorated according to the religious celebrations. EY1 Venus had the Christmas decorations, EY1 Neptune had the Eid Al Fitr decorations, and EY1 Mercury had the Vesakh decorations. The different decorations also made the students wondering and asking questions.

Not only that, the students also came to school wearing celebrations costumes. They were very excited and very attentive when listening to the guests speaker.

We also had the pleasure of having Ibu Athalia Chrestela, Ibu Yenny Kurniawan, Ibu Angely Candra, Ibu Juniarti, Ibu Farahdilla Putri Wardini and Ibu Sesa Indriyanaspari as the guests speaker to help introduce about the religious celebrations to the students.

It was a fun day after all!..


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