English  “Sharing the Planet” (08 Jan –15 Feb 2018)


UOI – Sharing the Planet

Central idea – Equal access to the Earth’s finite resources provides challenges for the global community

It is the start of English in Semester 2! I aim to continue supporting our HRT’s with the new UOI.  We will be following the lines of inquiry that deals with the distribution of natural resources and the challenges faced to have equitable access to these resources. Special attention will also be given to Indonesia’s natural resources. At the end of this unit of study, our students will all do a “BIG WRITE”. The “BIG WRITE” will be the writing of an advertisement to display Indonesia’s natural resources.  During the 5 weeks of the inquiry, we will focus on developing speaking and listening skills, reading skills and writing skills as well as relevant spelling, punctuation and grammar topics that will enable us to be successful with the end of unit assessment. The guided reading program will continue to improve the students’ reading and comprehension skills.

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