How We Organize Ourselves – PYP Update

15 January – 16 March 2018

Central Idea:

People respond to different situation and condition of their surroundings.


Function, Change, Connection

Related Concepts:

Responding, behaviour, seasons

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Situation and condition of surroundings
  • People’s responses towards themselves
  • People’s responses towards the environment


For this unit, Nursery students will have so much fun through playful learning. They will develop their thinking and research skills through bunch of hands-on activities.

As tuning in experience, students have an evening class where they can observe unusual school situation and condition after the sun sets.


The language development that is covered in this unit is that the students participate, listen, and respond both with body gestures and verbal expression in read aloud experience. Moreover, they learn to show an awareness of sound-symbol relationships to identify phonetic sounds.


In visual arts, the students will sharpen their skills in cutting, pasting, painting, crafting, printmaking, and drawing through various artistic experiences. They select tools, materials and processes for specific purposes; combine different formal elements to create a specific effect; create artwork in response to a variety of stimuli.


Little children are naturally attracted to solve problems by themselves; as that is what we mostly learn in mathematics. In this unit, the students learn to demonstrate an understanding of concepts time such as morning, afternoon, evening, night. Moreover, they learn to identify and describe events in their daily routine; describe position and direction; and recognize group of zero to five without counting.


In this unit, these little learners are going to be introduced to short sequences using basic step patterns as they are going to do some simple dances. Furthermore, they will explore locomotor and non-locomotor skills using music as a stimulus and handle small equipment using various body parts.


In music lesson Nursery students learn to both respond and create in fun way. They create movement to respond to word, rhythm and /or music through movement.

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