How We Express Ourselves

Sequence: 8 January – 28 February 2017

Central Idea : People use different media to express feelings and ideas

Lines of Inquiry:

– Media as an expression of creativity

– Our interpretation of media

– Our response to artistic expression

Concepts: Form, Function, Perspective

Related Concepts: creativity, feelings, expression

In this unit, the students are going to explore on how Media are used to express feelings and ideas. They will have fun exploration about elements of arts and observe their surroundings to find different kinds of materials they can use as media to express their feelings and ideas. As part of the learning engagement, we will visit SVP’s art rooms. They will create their own artwork using different media. The students will be exposed to learn how to be risk takers and communicators. They create creative artworks and give response to their own creation and also their friends’. They will also explain the interpretation of their artworks.


Discuss about daily events related to chance using certain terms such as:

impossible, maybe, probably, possible. (communicator)

Use simple fraction names in real life events (half, and a quarter)

Tell the calendar (names of months, day, date, and year)

Use the terms to describe position (preposition)


Explore body and UN-tuned percussion instrument sounds

Explore sound as a mean of expressing imaginative ideas. (expression)

Create their own basic musical instruments. (creativity)

Visual Art

Create artwork in response to a range of stimuli. (risk taker)

Realize that their artwork has meaning using their imagination and experiences to inform their art making.

Analyze the relationships within an artwork and construct meanings. (communicator).

Physical Education

Different ways of moving on the floor and on apparatus.

Different ways of moving with small apparatus.

To communicate effectively (during games) using basic verbal and non-verbal.(Communicator)


Express themselves by telling their own stories using words, gestures, and objects/artifacts. (communicator)

Use single words and two word phrases in context.

Use own grammar style as part of the process of developing grammatical awareness.

Use their experience as a stimulus when drawing or writing.

Bahasa Indonesia

Melafalkan puisi, rima dan lagu.

Berpartisipasi dalam diskusi.(communicator)

Membaca kalimat sederhana.

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