Happy New Year 2018!


             On the 8th of January was the first day of school in SVP. Both teachers and toddler students were very excited to come and play again. On Monday, toddlers learned threading large beads and straws to make necklace as it is integrated with phonic sound /n/. This activity is aimed to improve their fine motor skills and also to improve their concentration level. On Wednesday, they learned scooping using spoon with three fingers. The objects can be anything and we use rice, nuts, and mung bean. The kids are all risk takers as they are willing to try enthusiastically scooping from one bowl to another bowl. To get better at scooping and threading, we practice every morning before the class start. It was fun fine motor skills activities. On Friday, we got to practice gross motor skills. Kicking a ball in to the goal post was what we did on Friday which was very exciting. In this game, they get to learn to take turn by lining up. They tried to kick the ball again and again. All in all, it was a fabulous week for us!



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