Presenting .. The Lord of The Rings !!

Happy New Year 2018 !! May all the best things in life come to our days ahead .

Entering the new year , it is best for us to remembering the exciting events which had happened in the previous year. Among other was Grade 4 Learning Celebration , the drama performance titled The Lord of The Rings.

In this UOI , students are learning about one way they can express themselves through plays , especially drama . Beside deepen the students understanding in drama and its aspects . Students were then grouped into characters , costume team , property team and musicians . Two weeks after the UOI started , characters began  practicing , costume team making costumes,property team making properties and musician making the music themes before performing the drama .  All together every Monday and Wednesday.

After nearly a month practising and making things , on Wednesday , December 13 2017 , students performed their drama , titled The Lord of The Rings . Despite the preparation that was so hectic , quite chaotic and messy , the students  finally succeeded to complete their performance well. It was tiring at the same time exciting.

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