Family Fun Day 2017

           On December 2017, our Baby Gym had a family gathering event on the playground. A family gathering is an important part of growing up. It helps children bond with relatives. On this occasion, there were a lot of activities. During first activity, the baby gym students did circle timeand they sang the ‘Good Morning’, ‘If You’re Happy’, ‘Sayang Semua’ and ‘Roll Your Hands’ songs.

              Afterwards, the principle of ECE, Ibu Maria delivered a speech and shared information with the parents. Following the speech, the students completed several obstacle tasks using the junior gym obstacles. They jumped in the big cone, slid on the bolster and octagon, jumped onto footsteps, walked on the balancing beam, crawled up steps and walked down the big red wedge.

              In little gym obstacles, they crawled in the tunnel, swung in dome, crawled up the steps and walked down big red wedge. They also had art and craft activitieswhich included finger paint and ice cream cone making. After that, they had a potluck party. Finally, some of students had water play activity. Most of them enjoyed the event a lot.

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