Mathematics (January-February 2018)

For this unit of inquiry, grade 4 will learn about factors, common factors, greatest common factor (GCF), multiples, least common multiple (LCM), prime numbers, and fractions.

Factors and Multiples

  1. Determines factors of a number
  2. Finds common factors and greatest common factor (GCD)
  3. Solves problems related to greatest common factor
  4. Determine if a number is a prime number
  5. Determines multiples of a number
  6. Finds common multiples and least common multiple (LCM)
  7. Solves problems related to Least Common Multiple



  1. Compares and orders proper fractions
  2. Models improper fractions
  3. Expresses an improper fraction as mixed number, and vice versa
  4. Expresses an improper fraction or mixed number in its simplest form
  5. Performs addition and subtraction of mixed numbers (related fraction)
  6. Solves problems involving fractions

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