EY 2 Mars Monthly Assembly

Today was a special day for our class since we had a monthly assembly. In this event, all of the students invited their parents to come. It was held in EY 2 Mars class. This activity was done to make the parents to be more engaged to the students’ learning these recent weeks.

Before having a monthly assembly our class decided a kind of art performance, a creativity according to the subject learned and finally, the run down. Moreover, it is in line with our unit, How We Express Ourselves, that people use different media to express feelings and ideas.

The first was a dancing performance. They danced according to the basic simple steps or movements. This dance was chosen because they were feeling confident and proud to show it to their parent. Next was crayon etching. Here was the interesting part, the students was telling their parents how to do it.  And they had to work collaboratively a crayon etching artwork.

Thank you for your participation, parents!

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