We see Mr. Sun, Moon, Star, and Cloud

Happy New Year, everyone !!!

                  During January, Baby Gym students studied about the planet, they were as follows Sun, Moon, Star and Cloud. This month had three popular songs, firstly was Mr. Sun, secondly was Bangun Tidur, and the last song was Roll Your Hands. We had diverse yoga movements during two weeks, in the first week, the students imitated the teacher to sleep and stretch their arms, then they imitated as a tree, a mountain in the second week.

              The students also had many obstacles movements, they did forward roll with bolster, monkey bar in the ladder, tip toe, threw balls into the small ring, jumped on the trampoline and so on. As a concept/mystery bag, the students were learning Sun in the first week, they sticked torn yellow origami paper onto sun-shaped drawing paper . In the second week, they glued cotton ball onto cloud-shaped drawing paper. They were very interesting.

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