Mini Excursion to Pusat Teknologi Satelit LAPAN

One of 13 groups for the upcoming PYP Exhibition, the Space Xplorers, visited Pusat Teknologi Satelit LAPAN in Rancabungur, Bogor on 2nd February 2018. The purpose of the visit are:

  • to explore the history, meaning and function of satellite technology
  • to understand how satellite technology connects and helps human life

We were welcomed by PusTekSat LAPAN and given a very clear and understandable explanation about things related to satellite technology. We also got a chance to go inside the Assembly, Intergration and Test (AIT) room to how satellites are built as well as the Ground Station Control Center (GSCC) to see how they control and track the satellites.

We felt very lucky to be able to visit PusTekSat LAPAN and we do hope that our visit will add our knowledge about satellites and how they help human lives. P_20180201_114027P_20180201_104223.jpg

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