Iqra (Extra Curricular Activity)

Last Friday, 9th February 2018, the ECE students who joined Iqro ECA learned about five pillars of Islam. They created their own book of it. By doing this activity it was easier for them to memorize and identify the five pillars of Islam. The teacher, Ibu Ika, reviewed the lesson with songs and games. Before it was started, Ibu Ika was telling a little story about amazing facts of “Zam-zam Water in Mecca”.

The next activity was making a book of five pillars of Islam. First they repeated after the words that the teacher said. Then, they color the pictures of five pillars of Islam provided and stuck them in order in a book they have made before. Almost all of the students could say the five pillars of Islam at the end of Iqra lesson.

Way to go, EY 2 Students!

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