Pajama Party at School

It was just another day at school. Nursery students came to school at 5 pm wearing pajamas and slippers for an evening class when learning about nighttime. They learnt to identify situation and condition of surroundings; recognize people’s responses towards themselves; and identify people’s responses towards the environment. Through this learning engagement, they should be able to identify kinds of time; identify how situations and conditions changes from day to night; mention most people’s activities during nighttime; and mention what most people wear during nighttime.

To wrap this activities, the students visualized made their thinking visible by using De Bono’s thinking hats. White hat is related to facts where the students told their teacher what they did and saw during the activities, such as having dinner together with their peers or having bedtime storytelling. Red hat is related to their feelings where most of them felt happy about this evening class. Few were sad because they didn’t like when the light went off before ‘bedtime’. Yellow hat is related to something positive about this activity and they said that fireworks part was the best. Black hat is related to something they don’t like about the activity. 

Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun and Moon


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