EY1 Excursion to Plush Toys Factory

EY1 students are learning the Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves. The central idea is: Many products go through a process of transformation before being used by society.

To support the UOI, we went to a Plush Toys/Stuffed Animal Factory in Cileungsi. When we arrived, the staff welcomed the students excitedly. We were then proceed to the second floor of the factory outlet to see a video about the process of making plush toys/stuffed animals.

After  we finished, we then proceed to the factory where we can see the process of making the plush toys/stuffed animals from scratch. We were then taken to go on a tour to see the process from the designing, cutting, quality control checking, to stuffing the plush toys.

The students were having a blast going around the factory, since it was the first time for them to go n a factory. When we finished the tour, we were brought to a playroom where the students had a lot of fun playing with the plush toys/stuffed animals. The stuffed toys ranged from the smallest to the biggest, which are even bigger than the students.

At the end of the trip, the students get to experience how to make their own plush toys by stuffing synthetic cotton in it.

It was like heaven on earth. The students had a blast there, plus they could bring a stuffed toys home.

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