Kids Just Want to Have Sun

It was such a bright day. After being hidden for  quite some time, Mister Sun finally showed up and showered us with his warmth and jolly feelings. Nursery students went out of their class and had a picnic outside. Through this learning engagements, these young learners developed their research skills through observation of what sunny day looks, feels, and sounds like. They learnt to identify situation and condition of surroundings; recognize people’s responses towards themselves; and identify people’s responses towards the environment. Furthermore, they should be able to identify weather; mention most people’s activities on sunny day; mention what most people wear on sunny day; and mention the changes of environment between sunny, rainy and cloudy day. At the end of the learning, during reflection time, they said they had fun because it was fun to listen to story and eat outdoor with their friends.  

 Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun and Moon

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