English “Where we are in place and time” (19 Feb – 06 April)

UOI – Where we are in place and time

Central idea – Exploration leads to discovery and develops new understandings.

Semester 2 is now well on its way! I aim to continue supporting our HRT’s with the new UOI.  We will have a look at exploration and focus of the exploration endeavors of a few of history’s most significant explorers.  We will be working towards our summative assessment at the end of the unit which will take the form of a biography on one of the explorers we focused on during the unit.  During the inquiry, we will focus on developing speaking and listening skills, reading skills and writing skills as well as relevant spelling, punctuation and grammar topics that will enable us to be successful with the end of unit assessment. The guided reading program will continue to improve the students’ reading and comprehension skills.

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