Another story in the sky…

           During the last two weeks in January, baby gym class was still learning about day and night through a variety of activities. We focused on activities about the sun, moon, clouds and stars. Students learnt what they see at the day and at the night. After greeting teachers and friends by singing the Good Morning song, we all participated in a yoga class and tried the, happy baby pose, butterfly pose and snake pose. The students enthusiastically imitated the movements that the teacher demonstrated.

          For the obstacles,students practiced their motor skills by crawling with the aid of hula hoops, going up and down using foam stairs and throwing a ball. They also climbed the trestle, walked on the ladder, slid down on the foam stairs and jump in the hula hoop. The students seemed very happy while completing all these activities. In concept time, they listened to a story by the teacher. Teachers told stories about the moon, sun, stars and clouds. Students listened intently to all the stories. In closing time we had parachute activities. The students got inside the parachute while the light was switched off. Before they went home, teachers gave a star balloon to all the students.


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