PYP Exhibition 1718 Preparation

As our PYP Exhibition is coming closer, all of us (students, teachers, PYP Coordinators, and also parents) have been preparing several activities to make this project run smoothly. On the PYP Exhibition D-days, which are going to be on April 6 -7, 2018 (Fri-Sat), all Gr. 6 students are going to play a music ensemble, presenting a song entitled “Generasi”. A video will be played to go with the ensemble. The shooting of this video became our highlighted activity this week.

The video itself carries a storyline which is closely related to students’ PYP Exhibition groups. Each group presents an area of inquiry that interests them. This year’s big issue coverage includes environment, endangered animals, foods, sports, anti-bullying, space, and art. As a part of the storyline, each group plays the role as a certain occupation related to their big issue. The shooting itself took 5 days in total and was taken in Kemang Pratama 5 area as well as in SVP.






Aren’t you excited to see the final result of the video? Please wish us luck for our PYP Exhibition.

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