Mathematics (March – April 2018)

For this unit of inquiry, grade 4 will learn about factors, decimal numbers (up to one hundredth) and measurement.


  1. Compares and orders proper fractions
  2. Models improper fractions
  3. Expresses an improper fraction as mixed number, and vice versa
  4. Expresses an improper fraction or mixed number in its simplest form
  5. Performs addition and subtraction of mixed numbers (related fraction)
  6. Solves problems involving fractions

Decimals Number (up to one hundredth)

  1.    Learns decimal numbers to represent numbers or quantity which are not whole.
  2.    Writes decimal numbers in number line
  3.    Identifies place values and digits values of a decimal number
  4.    Compares and orders decimal numbers
  5.    Performs addition and subtraction of decimal numbers
  6.    Perform multiplication of decimal numbers by 1-digit whole number
  7.    Perform division of decimal numbers by 1-digit whole number
  8.    Solves story problems involving decimals

Units of Measurements

  1.    Converts units of measurement within a metric system for length, mass, and  volume.
  2.    Compares measurements which are expressed in various units
  3.    Performs addition and subtraction of measurements in different units
  4.   Solves problems involving unit of measurement

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