I wear skirt, I wear shorts

         In February 2018, Baby gym students learned about clothes or in Bahasa Indonesia we called “pakaianIn the first week, they glued three buttons onto colorful flannel T-shirts. In the second week, they had Valentine’s Day celebration where they shared marshmallows with some security staff, admissions staff and HRD staff at school.  They also learned how to lace a rope onto  models of art-foam skirts and shorts in the third week.   In the last week, they matched a shirt and short to a body picture of a boy, while to the the picture of a girl’s body , they matched a shirt and a skirt. 

            Each week the children learned different yoga movements such as the pose of a monster and the pose of holding a flower.  They also practiced to squat, cross and bend one leg. 

           In February, baby students sang Baby Shark, I’m a Little Teapot and Now Let’s Stop. They were very interested in those three songs and moved their body enthusiastically.   During obstacles course,  they practiced wheelbarrow exercise on the mat, teddy-bear movement on the ladder, ran on the colorful steps, Rolly  Polly, kicked a ball to a goal post  and walked on the Edu-beam. The students were happy to do the exercises and to socialize with their peers. 

          As the closing activity, we always had different parachute activities. They were shaking balloons (Pop-Corn),  moving up & down, moving left  and right and stepping forward and  backward Last but not least, on one of the sessions in February, the students also celebrated Lunar New Year celebration where they could bring home  some oranges. This month was filled with happiness. 




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