MATH-Number up to 100

For Math lesson, grade 1 students are learning about numbers up to 100. At the beginning, they try to remember the lesson that they have got in semester 1 about numbers up to 20. Actually, the concept of combining the numbers are going to be the same. That’s why, we review the concept of numbers and quantities up to 20, then continue until 100.

These are the steps of showing the number of quantities in tens.

  • Distribute ten bundles of 10 objects to all students, for example ten bundles of 10 sticks like on the picture below.
  • Divide the students into some groups.
  • Place the bundles on the student’s table, and distribute also tray for all students.
  • Teacher shows a number card, for example 40
  • Ask the student to say the number, in this case “forty”, and ask the students to put forty sticks on the tray.
  • Do the same activity with other numbers.

The next activity is connecting numbers of tens with number using block rods to show the tens.



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