Tuning In UOI 5-How We Organize Ourselves

On Tuesday, 27 February 2018, Grade 1 students are gathering in 1 Fatmawati to have a tuning in about the new unit. Under the transdisciplinary  theme of How We Organize Ourselves, our current unit is talking about ways and system in communication. The central idea is “ways and systems in which we communicate have varying degrees of effectiveness”. As the first activity, the students are watching the teachers doing role play of using different form of communication.


The second activity, the students are observing some of artifacts (old phone, old handphone, old laptop, letter, postcard, semaphore, ‘kentongan’). The aim of this activity is to provoke students into the unit of inquiry. After observing those objects, they need to be able to explain and describe the name and the function from those objects. They also need to show the way to use them.

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